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Pan/Tilt bug in MA2 when using artnet from M-PC

Pan/Tilt bug in MA2 when using artnet from M-PC

This video describes on how to fix a pan/tilt bug in MA2 when artnet is used from Martin M-PC. If you watched my other video on how to visualize your Martin M-PC lightshow in MA3D you’ll probably come across this Pan and Tilt problem/bug.

Just follow these steps, and you will be good to go:

  1. Set the Pan and the Tilt in M-PC to 0% (both of them)
  2. Go over to grandMA2 and select your fixtures
  3. Go to the Positions tab (in MA2) and set both pan and tilt to 0% (min)
  4. Clear the programmer in MA2!
  5. Save the showfile in MA2 and then you are good to go :)

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