How to set a Spotify Playlist as an Alarm on Android

Spotify playlist as Alarm sound

This guide will show you on how to setup a Spotify Playlist as an Alarm on Android, using the standard Google Clock app.

It’s not that great of a deal. Google recently announced that the Clock app now supports to setup a Spotify playlist as an Alarm sound. Which is great by the way!

So the most important part, check that you have the 5.3 or newer version of the Google Clock app. Then double check your Spotify version to be or newer. Start the Clock app and create or change an alarm. Choose a time for it to start and then click on the Bell icon / music icon to change the alarm sound.

This time you will have a tab in the upper right corner sayin “Spotify”, click on it. When doing this the first time you will see a prompt to use the Spotify app. Click on it. Right after that Spotify will ask you to login and accept your Spotify connection to the app. Then it’s just to choose a playlist and wait for the alarm to take off. Have a good morning waking up to your favorite music. Which probably may be the music you will end up hating the most ;)

If you don’t have the 5.3 version of the Google Clock, and you don’t have any updates available for it either.. then you can download a Google-signed APK from APKMirror and install it manually. The Google Clock 5.3 update was released the 2nd of August.

Watch the video to get a more clear and visual understanding on how it’s done.


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