This website is created and maintained by me, Simon Lerpard. I'm a software developer from Sweden with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Computer Science). The main purpose of this site is to keep some sort of collection of guides intended for future me and for anyone else who likes to do random techy-stuff like me.

I'm very much not a frontend guy. I prefer to work in the background with the heavy stuff, I don't really care how things look (when I do it) but everything else must look good . Therefore I'm using a Mediumish theme from WowThemes.net and for simplicity I'm hosting the site on Github. So I can focus on other cool stuff instead of hosting a blog/guides. For this site I will focus on the content and not the functionality.

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Head over to this Github repository and create a pull request! Please be as thorough as possible and I'll make a decision.

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